About us

Our mission


Developed out of a dire need to provide quality education to the non-profit and academic research community, the National Funding Foundation is a professional collaborative made up of national grantsmanship professionals who are dedicated to helping both local neighborhoods and national organizations thrive. At the National Funding Foundation, we care about what happens in our communities because we are a part of the community. Our goal has always been to give back to our communities by investing time and effort to help our local non-profit and academic organizations succeed. That has become an even more important goal as we face a national crisis that threatens a multitude of areas and issues. From public health to housing, education to scientific research, professional grantsmanship will be at the center of our new economy and way of life.  


Our commitment is to ensure that we can be a driving force in professional grant proposal writing. To this end, we have transformed our award-winning, in-person grantsmanship programs into a  virtual online course that is identical in quality and content. Asynchronous lectures, interactive exercises, expert question and answer sessions, and an abundance of resources characterize what we believe is a challenging yet rewarding program that quite frankly gets results.  


Our experts have over twenty years of experience consulting and teaching members of a variety of industries. Whether you are seeking funding for a new program, expanding a current project, or working on a capital campaigns, our consultants can help you succeed.


When your organization succeeds, we succeed. Together, we can accomplish anything!